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Use nano? Use Syntax Highlighting (Ruby too)!

In on 07/12/2009 at 18:01

I do not know anyone (and correct me if you do) that has some kind of access to a *NIX shell and does not use nano. I sometimes use the term “Holy Grail of Remote Development” but some (including myself…) find this funny.

What nano supports but is not enabled by default, is syntax highlighting. This would enable the user to get a more aesthetically pleasing result (and obviously, an easier front-end to work with) when editing code, processing these small (but annoying) bugs in code. Any code. Read on…

I started a public repo in github, to enable this functionality (as well as provide a 1-2-3 (don’t like the word ‘Dummy’) Guide to -easily- enabling this in Ubuntu (and probably any distro but this needs testing)) but especially, to create a hybrid directive for ERB (Embedded Ruby, or otherwise, your Views in Ruby on Rails applications, ending with .erb (current standard) and .rhtml (previous standard)). With an easy setup, any time you open a file with code in it (or most anyway…) you will get nice n’ clean colorful code. The ‘user’ level configuration imports the syntax for the following languages:

Ruby, Embedded Ruby, C, Java, Html, Tex, Python, Perl, Sh

I am planning (or you can, since this is a public repository!) to include as many languages as possible but the main aim is to make the ERB syntax as accurate and complete as possible.

You can access the ‘installation file’, the source and even clone or commit changes from github:

Do mind that the repository itself as well as its contents are Licensed:
Creative Commons License
ERB-And-More-Code-Highlighting-for-nano by Georgios Michalakidis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

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